Conversion is Key

With marketing budgets getting tighter and tighter and more empathises on increasing and proving real ROI, are you missing opportunities by not having your site optimised to convert your much converted (and hard earned) site arrivals from lookers into bookers?

If you are investing in SEO, PPC and affiliates as part of your hotel ecommerce campaigns, what focus are you placing on the traffic once it hits your website? Too often we see a lot of money spent on offline marketing campaigns that aim to drive traffic to a website, with little or no thought given to user interaction when that traffic hits the site. 

So how do you ensure or at least maximise the opportunity to convert visitors to your website to bookings. Part of the solution starts with understanding how people interact with your website, how they get there, what they do on there, and how they leave.

To collect this information there are a number of options in the market place, from six figure fully customised platforms to free tools such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of many programs & interfaces which allows you to insert code into your website to track how visitors interact with your website, in an great amount of details. But it’s what you do with this information that makes the difference.

So where do you start? There are a plethora of blogs, and some excellent articles and tutorials out there. Google has some great courses that you can run through to get some background information. But also consider that the majority of large international hotel chains and retailers have ecommerce departments that present these reports, so employing the services of a professional agency may also be key.

Try looking at and understanding how many people to your site are repeat visitors, how many pages are they looking at on site, how long are staying on your site for and what countries are they viewing from?

Acting on the results that are presented to you or that you have developed is paramount to increasing your onsite conversion rates. Changes to the layout, content, location of buttons and colours can all effect your conversion rates.

If you would like to learn more about analytics and how you can get involved to improve your, please feel free to get in contact should you wish to increase your conversion!


  • Maya on Sep 14, 2011 Reply

    Excellent post, I absolutely look ahead to up-dates from you.

    • Noemi on Feb 13, 2012 Reply

      Eight Rules for Choosing Web Analytics Key Performance Indicators – The Eight Avinash Rules for Entering KPI Heaven. Is there rlelay any need to explain it any farther?

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